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I am an ambitious professional specializing in Saskatoon’s residential real estate market. Along with staying active and being outdoors, I enjoy taking in all that Saskatoon has to offer. Originally from Ponteix, a town no bigger than 600 people, I have had the chance to travel and reside in many different areas of the world. My unique encounters and experiences have allowed me to be more open to new ideas and have taught me many new values of life. Throughout my many endeavors and journeys, I could not be more proud to call Saskatoon home!

I keep busy with my 3 kiddos - Levi 6, Isaiah 4 and Rhea 2.  We have enjoyed bringing them on our travel adventures including backpacking trips into South America!

With my positive attitude, dedication and adoration for friends, family and people in general, it’s no wonder why I love what I do! I have been selling Real Estate since 2006 and still enjoy it as much as I did on day 1!

The Saskatoon real estate market is moving quickly…and what better time to have a professional like myself by your side. There are many details during a sale that you should never be expected to know. Whether you are a first time buyer, investor or selling the house you and your family have made into a home, I would be more than happy to help you along your way. I look forward to meeting you in the near future!

Miranda Ardell

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